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Serving an eclectic mix of all-time favourite tapas and cuisine from Spain, along with a curated selection of Spanish wines and traditional drinks, all in a casual and fun atmosphere.

Lunch Dinner
Monday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-9.30pm
Tuesday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-9.30pm
Wednesday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-9.30pm
Thursday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-9.30pm
Friday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-10pm
Saturday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-10pm
Sunday 12pm-2.30pm (everyday) 6pm-9.30pm



26B Dempsey Road Singapore 247693

+65 6479-0100



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